Cutting-edge vinyl floors in Geelong

We’re quoting on a job in Geelong at the moment for a client who wants to improve the appearance of their new business headquarters. The drab stock-standard industrial-strength carpet on the floor of the client’s new HQ doesn’t reflect their cutting-edge profession and they need an affordable image lift but without the expense of replacing the whole floor.

Fortunately, we have the perfect solution and it involves retaining much of the carpet but replacing part of it with an attractive and contrasting wood-look vinyl floor. While much of the original carpet will remain, the entrance and front-to-rear walkway will be an eye-catching and fashionable vinyl that will bisect the room and create a stylish and eye-catching “wooden” feature to draw attention away from the dreary and uninspiring carpet.

The vinyl floors Geelong buyers can choose from today are a far cry from the boring options of the past. Want the look of a wooden floor without the inconvenience and cost of sanding and sealing floorboards or laying a floating floor? Then choose one of the timber-look vinyl options that really do have to be seen to be believed. They also have to be heard. That’s right – heard, or not heard is a more appropriate description. Unlike the clatter that can accompany walking on a wooden floor in heels or hard-soled shoes, vinyl flooring is quiet because it is subtly softer than wood and therefore doesn’t resonate like its timber counterpart.

We’ve had clients in our shop convinced they’re looking at wood when in fact they’re looking at vinyl, complete with wood grain, knots and all. The vinyl floors Geelong homes and businesses have access to today really are a world away from the stock-standard boring browns of the 1970s and light years ahead of the old linoleum that graced grandma’s kitchen floor.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of the new-style vinyl floors and how they can enhance your home or business, then make sure you contact HMC Flooring in Geelong and talk to us about your options and a free measure and quote.