Professional carpet laying in Geelong

Do you plan on choosing and having new carpet laid in your home? Or are you building a new house and need to have carpet laid? While there are many DIY tips and videos available on the internet, carpet laying really is a service best left to the experts. Carpet laying equipment can be tricky to use and it is a very large undertaking for a novice. Do you know how to use a “knee-kicker”? A “carpet power stretcher”? What about the “seam roller”? If you don’t, you could end up damaging the floor, the carpet and yourself!

Carpet should be professionally installed in accordance with the standards set by the Australian Standards Association Carpet Installation Recommendations. In addition to looking and functioning at its best, did you know that carpet installed incorrectly will void any guarantees and warranties that would have come with the carpet when it was purchased?

When you’ve decided on the carpet of your choice from HMC Flooring, we can set a date for installation. On the day, if we are taking up existing carpet it will be removed and disposed of. The floor will then be checked to see if any smooth edge repairs are required to provide the best prep to ensure a top quality job.

The underlay you choose should be compatible with the type and quality of the carpet you have chosen. The experts at HMC Flooring will be able to advise you on the type and amount of underlay you will need.

Now it’s time for the carpet to go down! With our professional carpet layers, the carpet will fit snugly against the wall and all seams and edges will be hidden. There will be no bumps or lumps and the surface will be completely smooth.

For professional carpet laying Geelong-wide, work with the experts at HMC Flooring. We guarantee that the job will be done right the first time, every time!