Looking for bamboo flooring in Geelong?

If you are after a floor that’s stylish, strong and sustainable, then beautiful bamboo flooring could be just the material for your Geelong home or business.

This natural product is becoming a popular option in homes, retail outlets and offices across the nation as people warm to its many advantages. With a wide range of colours, it gives a clean, contemporary feel that can bring a room to life in an instant. People are turning to bamboo to set the tone across their entire house – be it classic or modern – or to create a feature in an entrance, hallway or other area.

Many people mistake bamboo’s rich look for timber. But it’s not. Bamboo is, in fact, a member of the grass family. People have used bamboo as a building product for more than 1000 years and Australians are among the converted.

While bamboo is a highly-renewable resource, which can be ready for harvest in six years as opposed to decades for timber, it’s important to make sure the flooring you choose is a quality product from a reputable company.

At HMC Flooring, we’re proud to stock bamboo flooring in Geelong and know this attractive, affordable choice will keep growing in popularity. We supply a range of strand-woven bamboo flooring from quality manufacturer Genesis, a long-time proven performer in this field.

There are many advantages in selecting bamboo flooring from Genesis including its reasonable price tag, resistance to moisture and insects, easy care, durability, ease of installation and environmentally-friendly credentials. Genesis, a certified supplier of bamboo, is also committed to using eco-friendly adhesives with the world’s lowest VOC emissions ratings.

And because Genesis uses strand-woven Moso bamboo for its flooring, that means it’s hard and stable. Research shows it can be harder than spotted gum and more than twice as hard as Tasmanian oak, both common flooring choices when it comes to hardwoods.

If you want to know more about bamboo flooring in Geelong, contact us at HMC Flooring. As suppliers of this great renewable product, we’d be delighted to discuss its benefits with you.