Vinyl floor planks a top surface for Geelong sporting clubs and canteens

While it’s the on-ground action that attracts attention in sporting clubs across the nation, their clubrooms and canteens are a hive of activity too. And that’s why vinyl floor planks are a great option in Geelong, providing low maintenance flooring that can cope with heavy foot traffic.

Just think of the numbers of people that crowd into sporting clubs and canteens during the week. And then think of the toll those many feet can take. From footy boots to work boots, spilled drinks and food to the continuous dragging of tables and chairs over floors as club members position themselves in a perfect viewing spot. These timber-look floors take an absolute hammering and can cope with the demands of the junior netball team through to the seasoned sporting champ and all their supporters.

Sporting clubs need floor coverings that can handle pretty rough off-field action. Vinyl floor planks are durable, attractive, easy to install and affordable. They’re also a breeze to clean. Just wield the broom to sweep away dirt and dust at the end of the day and run a mop over them when needed. Swiftly done, simple to handle.

At HMC Flooring, we’re stockists for Kenbrock SmartDrop vinyl floor planks in Geelong and love their many attributes. They provide the look of timber and come in a variety of colours including Murray River Spotted Gum and  Chateau Oak. But it doesn’t matter if your young footy, tennis or baseball star drops a soft drink can on the floor or smears sauce onto the planks. You don’t need to stress about denting, scratching and other damage. It’s a top flooring solution for busy club and canteen life.

The floor planks are quick to install, joining together in a similar way to floating floorboards. And they look really good. Forget the old vinyl products of the past – today’s offerings are technologically superior, delivering the goods on so many levels.

When it comes to vinyl floor planks Geelong sporting clubs can contact us at HMC Flooring for more information on this versatile product. Please don’t hesitate to visit our Geelong warehouse to view our vinyl flooring range and ask about installation.