Stain-resistant solution dyed nylon carpet a smart choice for Geelong families

Selecting solution dyed nylon carpet for your Geelong family home serves up many advantages.

Its stain-resistance and durability attributes head the list. And if you have a large family – complete with heavy foot traffic, messy pets and accidental spills of food and drink on the floor – those benefits look pretty good. The price tag is encouraging too, with these carpets cheaper than their wool counterparts.

So what actually is solution dyed nylon? It’s a man-made material, where colour is added to the tough nylon fibre during the production process. By locking in the colour to the carpet fibre, you enhance its ability to remain colourfast, which makes it great in sunny areas because it’s more resistant to fading. It’s also easy to clean, another important factor when selecting carpet for Geelong’s busy households.

At HMC Flooring we stock a wide range of quality solution dyed nylon carpets at our clearance centre in Geelong. With so many carpet rolls on offer, there will be a colour and style to suit your needs. And our friendly team is always on hand to answer questions and help as you make your selection.

This carpet fibre is popular across the globe and is a great choice not just for hectic households, but for busy commercial premises too. That’s because it’s such a good looking, tough performer. It deserves its popularity.

If you are after an affordable, tough wearing, stain-resistant carpet in Geelong, take a hard look at the solution dyed nylon option. It’s a good one. Please contact us at HMC Flooring if you would like more information. We also stock a great selection of carpets in other fibres too.