Bamboo flooring gives Geelong homes a summer vibe

If you’re looking to update your home flooring, look no further than bamboo flooring in Geelong and saunter into summer with style.

Bamboo is a hot pick that delivers big time when it comes to aesthetics, function, environmental credentials and price. It’s that huge range of benefits that makes bamboo an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and businesses across not just the region, but the nation.

At HMC Flooring, we’re already sold on just how good bamboo flooring from a quality manufacturer can be. But that’s the key – quality manufacturer. We stock the Genesis range for that reason, because we know it meets strict quality checks and the necessary policies and standards.

What makes bamboo flooring a great choice for your Geelong home? Well, there are many reasons. It is durable and strong, has insect and moisture resistant properties, is easy to care for and looks fantastic.

It’s also a good choice on a sustainability front when compared to timber flooring.

Moso bamboo used by Genesis is harvested at maturity, which is about six years. An Aussie hardwood forest, on the other hand, can take more than half a century to regrow. And that makes bamboo flooring an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional timber flooring.

If those benefits don’t win you over, the sheer look of bamboo flooring should do the trick. It’s sleek, stylish, clean, fresh and perfect for summer. Perhaps you’re after a white-wash vibe, warm honey tones or a deep, rich tint for your flooring? Well, we’ve got you covered with more than a dozen colours on offer.

When it comes to bamboo flooring Geelong clients can rely on our experienced team at HMC Flooring for advice and great products. We can also help you out with accessories, including stair nosings, which come in matching colours.

And once you’ve got beautiful new flooring in your home, why not keep that fresh look going with splashes of colour such as vibrant cushions to welcome summer. The floor is just the start.

If you would like more information about using bamboo flooring for your Geelong home, please contact us at HMC Flooring.