Five reasons to consider bamboo flooring in your Geelong home

If you are searching for a quality flooring solution for your home, make sure you take a long, hard look at the advantages of bamboo.

When it comes to bamboo flooring Geelong homeowners might be surprised to find out just how many boxes it ticks including function, aesthetics and affordability.

At HMC Flooring, we love the look and durability of bamboo. So we’ve compiled a list of five reasons why we think you should consider bamboo flooring in your Geelong home. The reasons are:

1. Durability

Bamboo flooring has the highest surface hardness you’ll find when it comes to floating floors. This makes it a perfect choice for family homes where there is a lot of foot traffic and floors can cop a hammering.

2. Versatility

Whether you are renovating a little old cottage, a mid-century marvel or have a contemporary new residence, bamboo will work. This versatile performer suits any style of home, with HMC Flooring’s warehouse stocking a wide range of colours and styles for you to choose from.

3. Eco-friendly

Bamboo is a sustainable option, with the product only taking up to six years to grow before it’s ready for harvest, compared to decades for hardwood trees.

4. Easy to clean

When it comes to maintenance, bamboo flooring is relatively simple to look after. Just run the broom or vacuum cleaner over it regularly to remove sand or other small particles of debris. Wipe up any wet spots, splashes or spills as soon as possible. Never use a wet mop or steam mop on bamboo, because it can cause damage. Instead, a slightly damp mop does a great job – then make sure there’s no excess of moisture left afterwards.

5. Reduces noise

Bamboo is quiet to walk on, unlike some other types of flooring. For example, you won’t get that “echo” effect that can sometimes come with a wide expanse of tile flooring.

For more information about the advantages of bamboo flooring Geelong homeowners can rely on HMC Flooring’s experienced team for help. Please contact us today or visit our West Fyans Street warehouse.