Five reasons why carpet underlays will improve your Warralily home

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While many people view carpet selection as the headline act, carpet underlays at Warralily rightfully deserve their time in the spotlight too.

In fact, your underlay choice can have a big impact on your carpet’s lifespan and your home’s comfort. So it pays to make the right decision.

To get the best carpet underlays Warralily residents can turn to HMC’s experienced team for help and great products. We’re big believers in the power of a quality underlay, such as Dunlop Flooring’s Springtred range of underlays. Here are five good reasons why a carpet underlay will change the quality of your home:

  1. Superior comfort and cushioning. A high-quality underlay will enhance your underfoot comfort levels and make walking on your new carpet a fantastic experience;
  2. Added thermal insulation. The underlay adds another thermal layer to your home, helping to keep you comfortable no matter what the temperature reads. It can also help to keep your heating and cooling energy costs lower;
  3. Helps boost your carpet’s lifespan. When people walk on carpet, the force of their tread crushes the pile. Underlay assists by absorbing those forces and helps to keep your pile in good condition. This means your carpet will have a longer lifespan;
  4. Absorbs noise. Underlays provide real benefits when it comes to acoustic insulation, making them ideal for multi-storey homes or apartments. They are also a useful addition if you have neighbours in close proximity;
  5. Impact on environment. Testing reveals Springtred underlays can boost thermal insulation levels by up to 290 per cent, which can reduce energy consumption. Dunlop uses 90 per cent recycled material in its underlays, which can be completely recycled.

So why not ask the HMC team about Dunlop’s underlay range today so you can enhance the performance of your home? When you settle into a new residence at Warralily, a master-planned community in the Armstrong Creek growth area, you want it to be quality from top to bottom. And carpet underlay helps you achieve that quality.

If you come into our Geelong store, you’ll be able to walk on underlay samples to get a feel for their level of comfort. Whether you go for the Classic, with a thickness of 8mm, the 9mm Extra or the 10mm Ultimate, you’ll be impressed with the benefits of a quality underlay.

When it comes to quality carpet underlays Warralily residents can contact HMC’s friendly team on 03 5221 3348 or view our products in person at our West Fyans Street flooring centre.

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