Versatile carpet remnants for your Geelong home

Carpet remnants Geelong

Have you considered how many ways you can use carpet remnants in your Geelong home?

These left-over pieces of carpet are perfect for a range of roles and the only limit is your imagination.

At HMC Flooring, we know they’ve  got years of service to give. Because the carpet rolls we source and stock are all good quality, our off-cuts are too. After all, they come from those high-standard rolls in the first place.  So putting them to good use makes sense.

Here are some ways you can re-purpose our carpet remnants in Geelong:

  • Create a fantastic, custom-made rug or mat. You can cut it to the right size and shape to meet your needs and we’ll happily overlock it for you. From doormats to hall runners, area rugs or rugs to protect high-traffic areas of carpet, remnants are a great option;
  • Use remnants to create a scratching post for your cat, so your pet leaves your couch and armchairs alone. Carpet remnants are also handy to line the floor of dog kennels and pet cages;
  • They provide excellent, affordable protection to floors during renovations;
  • Make them into floor mats for your vehicle;
  • Use them to carpet small rooms in your house such as a spare bedroom or office;
  • And, by combining different coloured remnant off-cuts, you can make a chequerboard pattern to carpet a room. This is a fun option for a children’s play area.

So why don’t you get your creative forces flowing and think how you can put these versatile carpet off-cuts to good use. We have a high turn-over of remnants at our West Fyans Street store, with new stock regularly appearing, so come in and have a look.

When it comes to carpet remnants Geelong people will be impressed by our range. Please contact our friendly staff if you would like more information.

Carpet remnants for Geelong homes