Selecting hall runners for Geelong homes

Hall runners Geelong

With the simple use of quality hall runners Geelong people can transform long, narrow spaces in their homes into welcoming stylish areas.

And, in the process, they can enjoy a host of practical benefits too including greater comfort underfoot, reduced noise, improved thermal insulation and wear-and-tear protection for hardwood floors in entrance ways and other high traffic areas. There’s no denying the trusty hall runner punches way above its weight.

At HMC Flooring, our experienced staff are happy to help you find great, affordable options for your home. Here are some factors to think about before selecting hall runners for your Geelong property:

  • What size should the runners be? Well, this will depend on the length and width of your hallway. Width-wise, you don’t want it to stretch right across the hallway so it’s touching the walls. And, when it comes to length, use it to define the walkway without carrying through into other rooms. In other words, make it a little shorter than your hallway. Or, if the space is really long, you could break it up with two runners;
  • Make sure the colour and design suits the space. For example, if your walls are painted a neutral colour, then you can opt for a brighter design without making the space look too busy. And stripes are a popular way to introduce character without overwhelming your hallway;
  • Hall runners, often a few short steps away from your front door, are in high traffic areas. A darker or patterned design is much more forgiving than light colours when it comes to hiding stains and dirt tracked in from people entering your house;
  • If you have any doors that will open over the rug, make sure the pile doesn’t impede their movement;
  • And consider using an anti-slip underlay for your runner to keep it firmly in place.

HMC Flooring’s experienced team are ready and willing to show you the many premium options available at our West Fyans Street store. You an also check out the samples and catalogues we have from leading suppliers.

For more information on hall runners Geelong people can contact us on 03 5229 2083, check out our website or visit us in store. We look forward to hearing from you.