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Choosing carpet in Geelong – consider solution-dyed nylon

Solution-dyed nylon carpet is proving a popular choice when it comes to selecting carpet in Geelong. And it’s no wonder, when it delivers the goods on so many levels including stain resistance, durability and price. Solution-dyed nylon is a manufactured fibre used in carpet making across the world. During the manufacturing process, colour is locked into... Read more

Professional carpet laying in Geelong

Do you plan on choosing and having new carpet laid in your home? Or are you building a new house and need to have carpet laid? While there are many DIY tips and videos available on the internet, carpet laying really is a service best left to the experts. Carpet laying equipment can be tricky... Read more

Cutting-edge vinyl floors in Geelong

We’re quoting on a job in Geelong at the moment for a client who wants to improve the appearance of their new business headquarters. The drab stock-standard industrial-strength carpet on the floor of the client’s new HQ doesn’t reflect their cutting-edge profession and they need an affordable image lift but without the expense of replacing... Read more

The carpet retail store Geelong loves

There’s no doubt that fitting out a house or office with beautiful, high-quality carpet can be an expensive exercise, particularly if you don’t know the right people to talk to or the right questions to ask when searching for floor coverings. It’s easy to pay too much – even after enduring an embarrassing price-haggling session – or... Read more

Bamboo flooring suppliers in Geelong

We stock bamboo flooring in Geelong for a variety of domestic and commercial uses. We stock Genesis bamboo flooring, a trusted brand whose tagline states “World’s hardest strand woven bamboo flooring”. There are many benefits in using bamboo wood flooring. Bamboo is a naturally sustainable wood, as it grows so fast. Other types of trees... Read more

Commercial carpets in Geelong

High-traffic areas demand high-quality carpets which will not only last, but look good, year after year. We offer an extensive range of carpets in Geelong, including commercial and marine-grade materials. If you are renovating a commercial space, such as an office, you need durable carpet which will withstand the daily tread of staff back and... Read more

Terrific variety of rugs in Geelong

At the HMC Flooring warehouse, we have an extensive variety of rugs in Geelong. Our warehouse is brimming with rugs – approximately 1200 – that we need to clear at better-than-fair prices! Our rugs are made from high-quality fibres in a range of designs from market-leading manufacturers from around the world, including Italtex and Hart’s... Read more


This year is going to be better than our previous years if you want a good quality rug at an affordable price. Recently we have added a new rug rack display now allowing us to display around 200  1.6×2.3 rugs. Due to the extra rack we have been dealing with our rug suppliers (ITALTEX, HUFFLETT... Read more


Its that time of the year again. we still have some floor covering installation spots available pre Christmas. So if you have been thinking of re carpeting your place you can still get it done before christmas.   We also have a new rug rack with another 40 rugs to add to our collection of... Read more

Warm your home with rugs

With winter here once again, are you feeling the coldness on your feet from tiles or floorboards? At HMC Floor Coverings we have a solution that is very cost effective: rugs! A container load of short ends of carpet has just arrived, and top quality carpet is as low as $100 piece 3×3.6. We have... Read more