Rigid flooring, Geelong

Looking for a hard-wearing floor that’s waterproof, fade-proof, non-slip and absorbs sound? Then you’ll be looking for a new-age rigid floor! And when it comes to rigid flooring for Geelong and district homes and businesses, HMC Floor Coverings is the obvious choice for all flooring products in Geelong and surrounding regions, starting from $47m2.

The latest technology has combined the excellent durability and design features of looselay vinyl planks with a rigid multi-layer board incorporating a built-in acoustic foam backing and a superior click joining system. The boards are not affected by water and can cope with high temperatures. Rigid flooring can be laid over existing tile and underfloor heating.

Floor surfaces have taken giant steps forward in the 21st century, with rigid flooring leading the way. Rigid flooring cleverly combines the appearance of natural timber with 21st century technology and materials, and HMC Floor Coverings provides the industry-leading Rigid Plank and Sunplank products. Comprising planks with super-strength polyurethane surfaces and composite cores, rigid floors resist the scratches and scrapes and bumps and bangs that go hand in hand with the foot traffic of day-to-day living. Similar in appearance to the vinyl flooring planks at our Geelong store, rigid flooring is the next step up in strength and longevity.

Worried about spills on your floor? No need for concern with HMC Floor Coverings’ new rigid flooring, which is waterproof and won’t warp or swell. Rigid flooring retains its strength and integrity, even in extremes of temperature. We even have 25 year and lifetime warranties available on all of our rigid flooring products.

HMC Flooring has a range of Signature ‘Sunplank’, Proline ‘Rigid’ and Karndean ‘Korlok’ and all on display in store, come in and check them out for yourself!

Have questions about installing a rigid floor? Again, there’s no need for concern. Rigid floor planks simply click together, without the need for adhesives or other chemicals. Our carpet installation experts can install it for you or you can DIY with our advice, the choice is yours.

Need more convincing that rigid flooring is the right option for your home or office? Consider the following:

  • Rigid flooring’s strength and waterproofing makes it ideal for busy kitchens and laundries.
  • Rigid flooring resists the impacts of day-to-day use and is slip resistant.
  • Rigid flooring won’t fade, even under the blazing sun of an Australian summer.
  • Because it copes with temperature extremes, rigid flooring is suitable for underfloor heating.
  • It has sound-absorbing underlay built in, which also enhances the floor’s feeling under your feet.
  • There’s no need for complex or lengthy preparation, with rigid flooring suitable for laying directly on chipboard or yellow-tongue board.

Have more questions? They please contact HMC Floor Coverings‘ Geelong rigid flooring team and we’ll happily provide the answers about Rigid Planks and Sunplank rigid floors.