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Carpet Rugs and Mats Geelong

At the HMC Flooring warehouse, we have an extensive variety of rugs in Geelong. Our warehouse is brimming with rugs – approximately 1200 – that we need to clear at better-than-fair prices! Our rugs are made from high-quality fibres in a range of designs from market-leading manufacturers from around the world, including Hufflett, Italtex and Hart’s Rugs & Carpets.

Visit us in-store to browse our current range and pick up a ready-made rug for your home. Whether you want a neutral shag-pile style, a monotone pattern or something bright, we have lots of textures, patterns and colours available. Sizes range from 80 X 150cm, 120 X 170cm, 160 X 230cm, 190 X 280, 240 X 330cm and more, so you’re sure to find something to suit your space and taste. If you have something specific in mind and would like a custom-made rug, we can help with that, too. Our carpet overlocking service means we can custom-make rugs in almost any shape, size, colour or fibre. This provides you with the ultimate freedom to choose exactly the look you want to suit your unique decor at home. Or perhaps your home has a minimalist look and you want to design a stand-out feature to lay in your bedroom, lounge room or elsewhere!

For those with concrete, hard wood or tiling, a large carpet rug or mat is an affordable way to introduce some warmth and colour into your home. Available as hall rugs or to protect new carpets in high traffic areas, take a look at our range of rugs and mats to find one that suits your budget, colour scheme and taste. We also have available rug stop which will stop your rug from moving.

Choose from our range of existing carpet rugs and mats or tell us your requirements and we can cut one to size with our carpet overlocking service.

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