Terra Mater Herringbone timber flooring in Geelong

The Terra Mater Herringbone timber flooring at our Geelong store is a type of engineered flooring that comes in a range of colours. This is a  is ideal if you’re looking for a durable stylish flooring option in high use areas of the home, without compromising on style.

Terra Mater Herringbone suits homes in a range of styles, from country homesteads to modern apartments.

From French Grey to Magnolia, whatever your tastes, this is a fantastic long-term flooring option. Terra Mater are at the cutting edge of timber flooring design, using high-quality materials to create an affordable flooring solution that is equally functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

At HMC Flooring we pride ourselves on stocking a wide range of flooring solutions, with options to suit any type of home, which is why we offer Terra Mater Herringbone that complements any space.

HMC Flooring is happy to offer our customers this versatile flooring option in-store. Come in and check out our range of Terra Mater Herringbone flooring in Geelong, or get in contact with our team to find out more. We can also install the flooring for you. We also stock a wide rang of high-quality wide oak flooring, if you’re looking for a long lasting timber flooring solution.